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Delivering Value-Based Facilities Management

Choosing the Right Performance Metrics

How many of you are feeling frustrated with needing to meet so many performance targets and monitoring the performance indicators and not know why are they needed and use for?

Before you can manage and improve upon the facilities services’ performance, it is important to know why, the purpose for establishing performance metrics and how to identify the key performance indicators to monitor, measure and control

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2021 Theme: Performance Management & Improvement

The theme for 2021 Value-Based Facilities Management (VBFM) video blog is “Performance Management & Improvement”. For the start of the year’s VBFM video blog, I will share with you what are Performance, Performance Management, and Performance Improvement all about, as an overview.


SUSTAIN Value guides you on where FM can demonstrate how it can contribute value to its organisation through profit sustenance strategies.


CONTRIBUTE Value guides you on how to reduce FM expenses and initiating facilities improvements that add value to its organisation.

VBFM: I-S-C FM Value Model

The I-S-C FM Value is a 4 parts series to introduce what is model all about and explain each of the I-S-C on how each element can add value to its organisation, intentionally.

I-S-C FM Value Model - IDENTIFY Value

IDENTIFY Value guides you on identifying the factors that influence the “Revenue” of a business organisation and how should FM anticipate those factors and be equipped and ready to keep pace with organisational change.

3 Reasons WHY Objectives Key Results can Help FM Chart Direction for FM Team

Unlike other goal setting techniques, Objectives Key Results provides a framework that can be contextualised into FM function. In this video, I will share with you my three (3) key reasons why OKRs management framework is suited in measuring, monitoring and communicating FM performance issues effectively.

How to Implement Objectives & Key Results for Charting Direction for FM Team

This video explains how FM can align its activities with its organisation’s strategic objectives.

What Values are Organisation Looking for in FM?

In this video blog, I will share with you the realistic expectations from the perspective from the top management of most organisations, on how may facilities management add value and be a business advantage.

WHY Does Facilities Management Exists in an Organisation?

It is important for FM practitioners to know “WHY Facilities Management Exists” as that will form the belief about WHAT is FM all about and the potential value contribution to organisations.