Quotes on Facilities Management

If we do not establish our identity in Facilities Management, others will.

Our recognition depend on what value contributed to occupants and organisations, today

To do well in facilities management, know your customers and know what they expect.

Being value focused helps facilities management to intentionally add value to its organisation’s business competitiveness.

For facilities management to be an organisation’s strategic resource, “Think Strategically, Translate Tactically and Target Operationally”.

The primary focus of VBFM is on what matter to organisations, to support its business’ sustainability and competitiveness.

The key objective of Value-Based Facilities Management is to facilitate organisation’s business operations success.

FM values determine its profession’s distinctive.

Value-Based Facilities Management emphasises the integration of management expertise on an engineering practice for a holistic approach.

Continual facilities improvement is the new critical driver of competitive advantage.

For facilities management to be effective and efficient, it must align its activities to support and facilitate the organisation’s business operations.

Find time to listen to your stakeholders to understand what facilities services really matter most to them

If we do not know how to define our practice, others will define us. The future of facilities management depends on what we do, today.

Facilities Management’s Success Formula:

Right Service + Right Time + Right User Experience

Think like owners, and to make decision that will ultimately benefit the owners.

Technological Disruptions, the Changing Workforce Composition, the New Ways of Working . . .


If Facilities Management fails to keep pace and deals with such emerging trends, it will eventually  lose out the value of the profession.


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Facilities Management is an important part of running a business well.

Value-Based FM recognises that the need for facilities services arises from business needs


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Facilities Management

We are uniquely better in managing facilities services, in facilitating the business’s success.


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Value = Worth + Usefulness + Importance

“It is not VALUE until the stakeholders call it VALUE”.


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