What knowledge and skills do you need to be a strategic resource to your company?
How do you enable a safe, secure, comfortable, and productive workplace? How do you add value in a way that matters to your organisations?
This book answers all these questions and more.


“This easily understandable book should be taught in all FM certification and college courses, and be found on the bookshelves of all of us who manage these valuable public and private assets.”

David Cotts, PE, CFM, IFMA Fellow
Author of The Facility Management Handbook

“Allowing business management to focus on core business activities provides a key service that facilities management must recognise, and this thoughtful and important book provides a detailed guide for its success.”

Edmond P. Rondeau, AIA, CFM, IFMA Fellow

“Steven has accurately captured the challenges facing the facilities management community and offered a viable process for bringing much-needed recognition to the profession through the Identify-Sustain-Contribute value model.”

Christopher P. Hodges, PE, CFM, FRICS, IFMA Fellow
Principal, Facility Engineering Associates

“Great FM can contribute to an organisation’s strategic goals in efficiency, reputation, and in the battle to attract and motivate talent. This book explains how to make that happen”

Martin Pickard, FBIFM
Managing Director, The FM Guru Consultancy

“Ee’s book is short and easy to follow, and is a focused study of an important aspect of our profession, that is the sustained contribution of facilities management to the corporate mission and company bottom-line by generating VALUE through careful strategic planning and effective operations”

Alex Lam, IFMA Fellow
President, The OCB Network, Toronto Canada


“Ee possesses the unique ability to take difficult or abstract facilities management theories and translate them into practical and easy-to-implement solutions. His book creates a strong foundation for responsible facilities management and should be a staple in every facilities manager’s professional library”

David A. Casavant, CFM, LEED AP
The Sustainable Workplace Alliance


The discipline of facilities management is often depicted as a support service or technical function, and remains a largely unrecognized profession. Blamed for incurring high maintenance costs or constraining an organisation’s performance with a lack of facilities services, the facilities management is beset with a poor self-image. Yet, effective and efficient facilities management can contribute to an organisation’s vision of productivity, good repute, and risk management, and play a maor role in attracting and retaining talent.

What knowledge and skills do you need to be a strategic resource to your organization? How do you enable a safe, secure, comfortable, and productive workplace? How do you add value in a way that matters to your organization? This book answers all these questions and more.

This book is intended for easy reading, especially for busy facilities practitioners, to share practical strategies and solutions that facilities management can use to be a business advantage to organisations. It gives you a blueprint to integrate your own value-based facilities management, and become your organisation’s value resource in achieving their bottom line.


Steven Ee’s mission is to raise the recognition of facilities management has taken him around the world. His workshops and executive coaching have challenged facilities practitioners to raise the bar and earn respect as strategic resources for their organisation.

He is a Certified Facility Manager awarded by the International Facility Management Association (IFMA), an IFMA Approved Instructor, and IFMA Subject Matter Expert for its Facility Management Professional program.

He is the co-developer for the Competent Facilities Practitioner programme and has developed the Workforce Skills Qualification programme for facilities management in Singapore.

His sincere, multi-disciplinarian approach has translated complex ideas into practical results and has inspired other practitioners to pursue excellence in the profession.

He is s a regularly invited to speak at seminars and conferences attended by over thousands of facilities practitioners in Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, and China.