What is Value-Based Facilities Management (VBFM) All About?

For successful businesses the “what” is as important as the “who”. The way an office, a workshop or a building looks is as important as people manning it. Potential employees and customers evaluate a business based on whether they find the place impressive. Work satisfaction and efficiency of employees depends on the facilities. Man runs the machine, but the machine is as important.

FM (Facilities Management) is like HR (Human Resources) for facilities, machines, equipment, etc. Yet it is seldom only regarded as a reactive option not a proactive option. It is often seen only as a damage-control cost, not a value-adding resource. Management wrongly associates FM as cost/loss instead of value/profit.

Have you ever felt that FM is not receiving its due recognition and respect despite having been forced to work unreasonably hard, for longer hours, through weekends and even on holidays, attending to facilities’ outages, maintenance and repair work?

Have you wondered why the senior management considers FM as a cost centre and often does not approve the budgets that FM needs to run its operations effectively and execute potential facilities improvement projects?

Have you wondered how to overcome these challenges and raise the recognition of FM as a value-add and business resource to organisations?

Then Value-Based Facilities Management (VBFM) is both the science and the art you need to apply. It has been developed to bridge the gap between the current performance and true potential of your FM department. You can do that by focussing primarily on what matters to the organisation and how FM can facilitate business success.

  • The primary focus of VBFM is on what matters to organisations, to support their business sustainability and competitiveness.
  • The key objective of VBFM is to facilitate organisations’ business success.
  • VBFM enables learners to “Think Strategically – Translate Tactically – Target Operationally.”
  • VBFM is about delivering important and beneficial facilities to organisations.
  • VBFM is intended to bridge the gap between your FM’s current performance and its true potential.